Best beach towns in Monmouth County NJ

Monmouth County is home to many towns that make up the Jersey Shore, stretching as far north as Sandy Hook, all the way down to Manasquan. In typical fashion, the summer months are accompanied by visitors near and far that vacation at the Jersey Shore. Some beach towns just have more to offer than others, which is why we’re going to be listing the best beach town in Monmouth County.

We’ve carefully gone through all the potential candidates, but there are a few notable qualities that make up a fantastic beach town. From the pristine beaches by the coast, to a sprawling downtown, and nearby fun attractions, these are the qualities we look for in being a part of this exclusive list.

Without any further wait, here are the best beach towns in Monmouth County, which are listed in no particular order. As always, don’t forget to check out some of our other fun guides below.

Bradley Beach

Fun place to visit there: Bradley Brew Project
Why we picked Bradley Beach:

Stuck in between two of the biggest shore towns, Bradley Beach’s attraction as a standout among Jersey Shore beach towns in Monmouth County because it’s not as packed as Belmar or Asbury Park. It’s certainly quieter, which is a good thing if you’re looking for something more relaxing.

While most of its popular shops, restaurants, eateries, and boutiques are situated on Main Street, which is a few blocks away from the beach, you’ll still find the beach area brimming with activity in the summer. The town has hosted several big events and festivals, like Lobsterfest, that features live music and food trucks.

While you’re there, swing on by Bradley Beach Brew Project to sample some of the refreshing craft beers they offer during the summer.

Sea Bright

Fun place to visit there: Tommy’s Tavern + Tap
Why we picked Sea Bright:

While Sandy Hook is the northern most beach in Monmouth County, it’s Sea Bright that earns our recommendation for being one of the best beach towns in Monmouth County. And why’s that? It simply has that right mix of we’re looking for.

Not only are there picturesque dawn and sunset views from the beach, but Ocean Avenue is filled with several restaurants for beach goers to check out while they’re there. Best of all, Ocean Avenue is within walking distance of the beach — so you don’t need to travel that far for a good bite.

While you’re there, check out Tommy’s Tavern + Tap, which features a sprawling outdoor dining area combined with one of the biggest menus you’ll find in Sea Bright.

Asbury Park

Fun place to visit there: The Wonder Bar
Why we picked Asbury Park:

Without question the biggest attraction in Monmouth County, Asbury Park is a Jersey Shore beach town that has gone through a tremendous transformation that makes it a top destination. When it comes to the beach life, culture, festivals, and a sprawling downtown, Asbury Park proves it has everything you’re looking for.

During the summer, the boardwalk comes to life not only for the beach, but also for the various shops that line the boardwalk and inside of Convention Hall. Some of the areas biggest music festivals happen in Asbury Park, like the annual Sea Hear Now festival — on top of the many smaller ones throughout the town.

While you’re visiting Asbury Park, definitely try to swing by the Wonder Bar to catch a drink during happy hour while yapping it up with some of pooches that are allowed to be there.

Long Branch

Fun place to visit there: The Whitechapel Projects
Why we picked Long Branch:

Long Branch has been seeing tremendous growth over the last several years, thanks in part to the development of Pier Village and its expansion — offering visitors that ample balance people expect from a beach town at the Jersey Shore. Even though Pier Village sits next to the beaches, Long Branch’s downtown district area covers a vast spread.


Fun place to visit there: Coney Waffle
Why we picked Belmar:

Yes, it’s one of the southern most beach towns in Monmouth County, but just like Asbury Park, Belmar has long been a powerhouse for vacationers near and far. That’s because there’s plenty to do for everyone. From places where you can dance with friends, to family friendly activities, Belmar is continually one of the top destinations in all of the Jersey Shore.

Close to the beach are several small businesses and restaurants, but you’ll need to travel a little bit more away from the beach area to uncover all the other fun places in its downtown area. There’s even a local brewery where you can enjoy some brews, complete with a celebrity chef’s new menu offering.

While you’re there, be sure to stop by Coney Waffle right on Ocean Avenue because you’ll be astounded by the incredibly sized ice cream desserts they offer!


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