Bradley Brew Project offers beers for just about any palate [photos]

Bradley Brew Project offer beers that perfect for just about anyone and that’s exactly what makes them awesome. We recently visited the brewery, which is located on 714 Main Street in Bradley Beach, NJ.

The variety covers the gamut! Extending from traditional ales and stouts, to a few IPAs to appease serious beer fans, Bradley Brew Project’s offerings are tasty and refreshing. On top of that, there are an assortment of beers that are a play on traditional drinks like lemonade, bubbly rosé, and other citrus inspired drinks. For the summer, its current selection of beers on tap are perfect! Seriously, they taste so good that you probably won’t believe you’re drinking beer!

Located right off a busy main street in Bradley Beach has its perks, with several eateries and restaurants within walking distance, Bradley Brew Project is a destination you need to check out. You’re welcome to bring in some food as you enjoy its brews!

“They taste so good that you probably won’t believe you’re drinking beer!”

The inside space offers a fair amount of seating space, accented by some modern looking decor to give the brewery a very updated look and feel. But, don’t forget to check out the outside area in the back!

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from our recent below and be sure to swing by the brewery to try out its beers!

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