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10 fun date night ideas in Red Bank for couples to do

Red Bank is a town made for couples, especially when it comes to date nights. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do and go see if you’re planning to have a date night out with that special someone. If you’re eying Red Bank, then you’ll want to check out the list we’ve curated below that details all the intriguing things you should consider for date night. Best of all, it covers the gamut — so there’s always something for everyone!

Of course, this list will continually change — more so when there are always some new businesses opening up in town. There are also some seasonal things that open up, which happen for a limited to time. We’ve considered all of them, so expect to see this guide updated.

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Solve puzzles at Trap Door Escape Room

Location: 60 White St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: (570) 234-3366
Website: http://www.trapdoorescape.com/

Trap Door Escape Room is perfect for couples who want to challenge their puzzle solving abilities. The sprawling location is currently going through a massive redesign, but it looks like there will be a variety of escape rooms to check out once it reopens soon. Since there are various themes with each escape room, you’re bound to find something for the two of you to tackle! Check out the complete listing of upcoming escape rooms on its website!

Dinner at any of Red Bank’s restaurants

When it comes to food, Red Bank doesn’t disappoint. Couples can surely enjoy date night at any of the various restaurants throughout town. Whether it’s traditional Italian dishes from places like Patrizia’s or Neapoli Italian Kitchen, to steakhouses such as Char Steakhouse or Danny’s Steakhouse, and even more intimate locations such as The Robinson Ale House or Buona Sera, you’ll have choice when it comes to the ambiance and food selection.

Drinks at rooftop bars

Before going to see a show or even have a sit down dinner, you’ll want to perhaps start date night off with drinks at the two rooftop bars in Red Bank. Teak Restaurant on Monmouth Street has a rooftop bar that has a perfect view of Monmouth Street, which makes it an ideal place if you’re looking to have some drinks. Better yet, you’ll want to get there early enough to enjoy its happy hour while enjoying the view.

On the other side of downtown Red Bank, there’s also Red Rock Tap & Grill’s sprawling outdoor and rooftop bars. During the summertime, especially on those mild nights, its rooftop bar comes to life with amazing views of nearby Marine Park. It’s a perfect spot to start off date night!

Go see a show or performance

Red Bank has three amazing theaters all within walking distance of one another, which are perfect for date nights. After you enjoy some drinks and maybe a meal, you’ll want to watch a performance or show at Count Basie Theatre, which frequently hosts musical shows, special guests, and much more.

Two River Theater also hosts its own Broadway-like productions. However, the popular theater remains closed due to the ongoing pandemic, but you can bet that it’ll be a spot to consider for date night.

And finally, there’s also the Basie Center Cinema, which was formerly Bowtie Cinemas. If you’re looking to watch an indie movie or date friendly film, it’s the spot you’ll want to check out.

Make something sweet together at DIY studios

If you’re more inclined for the hands-on approach with date night, then you’ll enjoy the various DIY studios throughout town where you’ll create something special together. Whether it’s a piece of pottery from A Time to Kiln, a homemade sign from AR Workshop or Board & Brush, or even some other crafty decor from The Local Line, you’ll have plenty to choose from. You can book a private appointment and in some instances, you’ll be able to bring your own favorite refreshments while creating your pieces!

Grab a beer straight from the brewery

Did you know that Red Bank has two breweries that brew their own beer in house? They’re perfect for date nights! Red Tank Brewery is located on Monmouth Street and features several brews to taste. It’s ideal id you’re starting out date night, or even ending it because there are even some game and trivia nights going on there.

Alternatively, there’s also Birravino located on Riverside Avenue — right across from the famed Molly Pitcher Inn. The location brews its own beers and is perfect for dinner as well! During the summertime, you can enjoy your favorite brews in its outdoor beer garden. Now that it’s winter, its BirraVillage pop up is perfect for a more private setting for that special date night.

Watch the sunset at Riverside Gardens Park

Location: Front St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset. That’s why you’ll want to visit Riverside Gardens Park. In addition to the numerous benches you can sit on for the occasion, you’ll get the best view of the sun setting at the waterside view that overlooks the majestic Navesink River. Sunsets during the summer are especially breathtaking, especially when the warm glow of the sky makes the moment even more romantic.

Incredibly sized desserts at Coney Waffle

Location: 13 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: (732) 556-6951
Website: https://www.coneywaffle.shop/

If you two didn’t stuff yourself too much and saved a bit of room, then you’ll be impressed by the incredibly sized desserts offered at Coney Waffle in Red Bank. Seriously, some of the creations they offer are simply mind-blowing. From amazing sized milkshakes, to waffle cones brimming with your favorite ice cream and sweet treats, Coney Waffle is a destination for sure on date night!

Play some arcades at YESTERcades

Location: 80 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: (732) 383-7873
Website: http://yestercades.com/

Sometime cooperative play is the best way to really make the most out of date night. That’s why you’ll have fun reliving some of those beloved arcade games at YESTERcades of Red Bank. There are plenty of classic arcades to see who can get the highest scores, as well as some pinball machines and current/classic video game consoles for you two to enjoy date night. On some nights, too, you’ll be able to bring along some of your favorite refreshments as well!

Visit art galleries throughout town

And lastly, there are the handful of art galleries throughout town to check out for date night. If you’re both art lovers, then this is something you’ll enjoy. From the pieces on display at The Oyster Point Hotel, to some of the more sprawling artwork at Detour Gallery, you’ll have plenty of art galleries to check out.


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