BirraVillage opens up at Birravino as the alternative outdoor dining experience

Thinking outside of the box will undeniably result in getting notice. That’s exactly what’s happening with Birravino in Red Bank, as the restaurant recently opened up its one-of-a-kind experience with BirraVillage. Typically reserved as its beer garden during warmer months, Birravino transformed it to include private dining cottages perfect for those special occasions.

We stopped by and spoke with Birravino owner, Vic Rallo, who talked more about the creation of BirraVillage to accommodate its customer. “Our customers still want to come out to eat. Some of them are afraid to go inside because of course the word about the pandemic,” Rallo explained. “So we’ve created other options where people feel comfortable.” You can watch our video above for the full interview, but read on below to learn more about BirraVillage.

BirraVillage consists of four large, heated private dining greenhouses for parties of up to 10, two heated private dining cottages for parties of up to 4, and our socially distant, fully heated tent! We can’t wait to have you for a one-of-a-kind dining experience at BirraVillage!⠀

Tent reservations can be made through our website. To reserve private greenhouse or cottage seating, please call Birravino at 732-842-5990. Please note the non-refundable reservation fees to reserve private BirraVillage seating listed below.⠀

Reservation Fees⠀

Small Cottages (up to four):⠀
$25 for lunch ⠀
$50 for dinner⠀

Large Greenhouses (up to ten):⠀
$50 for lunch ⠀
$100 for dinner ⠀

**in order to insure that we can accommodate all reservations, please note that we have a 2 hour limit per party for dinner seating in our dining houses**

source: Birravino


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