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Sea Hear Now Festival delivers extraordinary experience for concert goers

The largest music festival around the area came roaring into Asbury Park over the weekend, Sea Hear Now, bringing along one one thrilling experience for concert goers. And the weather was beyond perfect for the occasion, which spanned most of the area surrounding Convention Hall.

Asbury Park has always been known to be a huge draw for various music festivals, and Sea Hear Now continued to bring back memories of past festivals such as The Warped Tour and Skate & Surf Festival — both of which were rampant during the early 2000s.

Sea Hear Now brought concert goers to Asbury Park over the weekend, September 21-22.

What makes the Sea Hear Now Festival significantly different than all of them, is that it’s held entirely outdoors in the surrounding beaches. And for the performers that played throughout the festival, the location of the stages made them convenient for everyone to get a decent view of all the action!

Headliners Dave Matthews Band and The Lumineers didn’t disappoint with their performances, but what we love most about Sea Hear Now is the variety and mix of bands spanning different decades. You could say it was a mix of old and new, with each band delivering unquenchable energy to their performances! It’s this kind of feeling that truly encapsulates Asbury Park’s reputation of being culturally diverse.

Anyway, the festival may be over, but the memories are forever. Until next year’s event!

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