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Best breweries in Monmouth County

Ah yes. There’s nothing quite like a good beer for just about any occasion. Whether it’s at home to unwind, or happy hour at a local bar or restaurant to celebrate the start of the weekend, a good beer’s always in consideration. What’s even better is tasting a beer at the place where it’s born and brewed, the brewery.

Craft breweries have bee popping up all throughout Monmouth County and the greater Jersey Shore area the last several year, and with that comes variety. For this guide, we’re taking a look at some of the best breweries in Monmouth County! You bet that the beers offered at the brewery are important, but equally as much is the location and ambiance.

Without any further wait, here are the best breweries in Monmouth County, which are listed in no particular order. As always, don’t forget to check out some of our other fun guides below.

Bradley Brew Project

Location: 714 Main St, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Try out this beer: John
Why we picked Bradley Brew Project:

What makes Bradley Brew Project so special? Not only are the beers are plentiful in variety, but it’s located in a prime spot in downtown Bradley Beach. Its beers cover the gamut, from seasonal brews to favorites like its IPAs, there’s no denying that there’s no shortage of taste and flavor with its beers. Just look at some of the ingredients and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

You’ll adore the cozy interior of the brewery if you stop by for a drink! Bradley Brew Project really shines in the summertime when the weather is perfect, where the front is opened up to let in the cool breeze of the ocean enter the brewery — while additional room in its backyard is spacious enough and shaded for more people.

Jughandle Brewing Company

Location: 4043 NJ-33, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753
Try out this beer: Juggernaut Coconut Vanilla Porter
Why we picked Jughandle Brewing Company:

Located in a shopping center area, you might miss Jughandle Brewing Company if you look really quick. But once you find it and make your way inside, you’ll be treated to a selection that’s primarily dominated by IPAs and porters. Try the Juggernaut Coconut Vanilla Porter because this dark colored beer has a unique taste that carries the distinct taste of vanilla and coconut.

You can order yourself a flight of beers to sample, but individual pours are also offered too. The open space layout of the brewery allows you to see the behind the scenes action of how its beers are brewed from start to finish.

Source Brewing

Location: 300 New Jersey 34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722
Try out this beer: Java & Oats
Why we picked Source Brewing:

One of the newest breweries to open for business in Monmouth County, Source Brewing is also one of the most grandiose around. That’s because this brewery has a farm barn look and feel to it. With plentiful seating upstairs and downstairs, Source Brewing opens up even more in the summertime with its outdoor and rooftop areas — the perfect spots to enjoy its beers.

Speaking of beers, the taproom features a variety of selection such as IPAs, porters, ales, and much more! If coffee and chocolate sounds tasty, then order yourself its Java & Oats stout for that subtle sweet taste of the chocolate that complements the coffee and oats.

Red Tank Brewing

Location:77 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Try out this beer: Molly Pitcher American Amber
Why we picked Red Tank Brewing:

Red Bank’s no stranger when it comes to breweries. In fact, you’ll find three that are located within a mile of one another. Red Tank Brewing is the latest one out of the bunch, offering IPAs, stouts, ales, and a lager. You can’t go wrong with the Molly Pitcher American Amber lager, which is named after the famed hotel in Red Bank. Besides that, the Broad Street stout is another favorite for its rich taste!

Inside the brewery, you’ll be treated to a spacious layout that gives you a direct look into the operations behind-the-scenes with its brewing process. Beyond that, there are a few outdoor seats out front, but it opens up even more during the summertime in the busy part of Monmouth Street.

The Whitechapel Projects

Location: 15 2nd Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Try out this beer: Chocolate Coffee Porter
Why we picked The Whitechapel Projects:

The Whitechapel Projects is yet another brewery to open in Monmouth County in the last few years. What makes this brewery special is its location, which is a sprawling venue perfect for indoor and outdoor events. It’s not too far from Pier Village in Long Branch, so it’s a perfect stop if you intend to go to the beach.

If there’s one beer to try, it’s definitely the chocolate coffee porter. It’s rich and strong, but doesn’t hide the chocolate and coffee taste either. There’s a decent selection, too, that offers stouts, porters, and IPAs. What sets Whitechapel Projects apart from most of the other breweries is that it’s a restaurant too — so you can pair your favorite brews with something off its dining menu.


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