Pet the pups, enjoy a craft cocktail at Dachshund Distilling

Monmouth County’s filled with many breweries to visit. But what if you’re not too interested in beer? Well, there’s always something different like Beach Bee Meadery, which we visited last year and was a refreshing change for the summer. But there’s another place to check out this summer! It’s Dachshund Distilling in Neptune, which is a short block’s walk from downtown Bradley Beach. It’s a craft rum distillery where you can sample some of its selections, or even order a refreshing craft cocktail.

We tried out its three main selections: silver rum, spiced rum, and coffee rum. Additionally, we checked out its gold rum and brand new pineapple rum. They’re all smooth on their own, but you’ll want to order some of the craft cocktails they serve up. When you’re done, why not take a bottle of your favorite rum home with you?

There’s an outdoor space in the back where you can enjoy your drinks. And you’ll be surprised to know it’s dog-friendly, so expect to see pups hanging around the area — even a few dachshunds if you’re lucky. But don’t forget to pet Iggy! Dachshund Distilling is located on 1103A Sixth Avenue in Neptune, NJ.

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