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Best coffee shops in Red Bank

For many of us, starting the day begins with a good ol’ cup of Joe. No one wants to feel groggy as they slowly begin the work day, right? If you’re a coffee lover just like us, then you’ll want to know where to go in Red Bank to snag a good cup of coffee — or perhaps a specialty drink for those occasions you want to treat yourself.

Red Bank is home to several coffee shops, some known nationally and others that cater to the local area. Whether it’s just a simple cup of coffee, or a fancy latte, we’re listing the best coffee shops in Red Bank that you need to check out to get your fix. Once you do, then you can tackle your day with focus and energy!

The listing below is in no particular order. As always, don’t forget to check out some of our other fun guides below.

Coffee Corral

Location: 177 Drs James Parker Blvd, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: C & C Blend
Why we picked Coffee Corral:

Did you know that all of its coffees are roasted on site? That’s noteworthy for many reasons because when you order a drink, you can expect it to be fresh each and every time! Coffee Corral also has almost 15 varieties of coffees to choose from — consisting of single origin coffees, New Orleans style, Cold Brew, and organic roasts.

The location at the corner of Drs James Parker Blvd is sprawling, which is why the coffee shops hosts plenty of outdoor events whenever the weather is favorable. You can order your favorite drink and hang outside for the scenery. And if you’re hungry, you’ll also be astounded by its breakfast menu!

Rook Coffee

Location: 10 White St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: New Orleans Style Cold Brew
Why we picked Rook Coffee:

It’s without a doubt the most successful local chain of coffee shops around the Jersey Shore, so it’s no surprise that Rook Coffee makes the list. Its location in Red Bank is in a prime spot on White Street, which is within the downtown district of Red Bank. Its cold brew and hot coffees are infused with all natural flavors and spices, while seasonal specials like its toffee styled cold brew adds depth to its selection.

Beyond just ordering your favorite drink for its location, you can actually order online and have it shipped directly to your home — so you can enjoy Rook’s brews at the comfort of home!

Antoinette Boulangerie

Location: 32 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: Iced Latte
Why we picked Antoinette Boulangerie:

Renowned for the French inspired pastries and treats it’s been known for, you’d be surprised by what Antoinette Boulangerie has to offer when it comes to coffee. Its freshly made brews range from your traditional coffees to more specialty drinks like its lattes, cold brews, cappuccinos, teas and much more! Its coffees pair nicely with its various bakery treats!

Cé La Vi

Location: 16 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: Caramel Macchiato
Why we picked Cé La Vi:

When it comes to starting off your mornings on the weekend, Cé La Vi is an ideal choice because not only can you order a tasty meal for breakfast or brunch, but its menu items pair nicely with its coffee selection. It consists of your standard coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos!

Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co.

Location: 200 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: Malt Cold Brew
Why we picked Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co.:

Located inside of the sprawling Sickles Market on the west side of Red Bank, Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co., it’s another local coffee shop that has its roots in the Jersey Shore. That’s special to know because all the coffee is never more than 7 days old, making it the freshest you can find around the area. You’ll appreciate the aroma and taste of its coffee drinks, but don’t forget about trying the cold brew because it’s just as potent!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Location: 30 Water St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: Dark Roast Coffee
Why we picked Dunkin’ Donuts:

There’s a reason why its tagline is “America runs on Dunkin’.” The national coffee chain is a prime destination for many people looking to grab a quick coffee on the go at its location on 30 Water Street. The coffees can be tailored to your liking, ranging from flavored syrups that add a bit of taste to specialty drinks like its macchiatos and lattes.


Location: 4-6 White St, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Coffee to order: Blonde Roast
Why we picked Starbucks:

It hails from Seattle, but Starbucks is the busiest coffee shop in Red Bank with patrons frequently visiting the location at the corner of White Street and Broad Street. From its traditional roasts, to seasonal drinks that are here for a limited of time, Starbucks has the coffee to suit any taste and needs. It’s also one of the few coffee shops in Red Bank that offers frozen coffee drinks.

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