Red Bank Pulse VLOG Episode 3

It’s been a while since our last VLOG video, but here’s the latest one! In episode 3, we checked out some places other than the usual dining spots in Red Bank.

First up is Red Ginger off Broad Street, a furniture and interior designs store that aims to fill your home, office spaces, bedrooms, and whatever else with decor with classical and modern stylings. Nearly every nook and cranny of the store is filled with furnishings, accessories, wall art, and much more, to try and provide inspiration to your designs.

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A Time To Kiln definitely has a nice ring to its name, which is a paint your own pottery store that replies on your artistic qualities to design your pottery. From mugs, to ornaments, and even mosaics, you’ll have a ton of fun designing your creations – plus, it’s a great activity for the entire family! On some days, they even hold special events with unique themes, or even attend a session while drinking your favorite cocktail in hand!

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Stopping by before a family dinner, we went into French influenced bake shop, Antoinette Boulangerie, to pick up a baguette. It’s not our first time there, seeing that we’ve been there a couple of times before, but how we loved the baguette we picked up the last time, we had to quickly stop by to pick up another one for the occasion. And oh yeah, we couldn’t resist also snagging a couple of those flaky croissants for breakfast the next morning!

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Crossing off another Red Bank restaurant from our list, we visited The Bistro off Broad Street during a weekend lunch. The food encompasses a wide array of cuisines, covering italian favorites, to even some exotic sushi dishes. If you’re looking for a place that covers the gamut, you might want to keep this one in mind!

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Now if you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to think about satisfying that desire by stopping at Chocolate Works. The store is filled with various sweets from top to bottom, so you won’t be disappointed by the eclectic selection. And if that’s not enough for you, then even make some unique desserts such as ice cream, milkshakes, and much more!

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And lastly, we take you into Char Steakhouse, which as its name so happens to imply, caters to delivering quality streak dishes. One of the unique things about Char is its atmosphere and ambiance, you get to experience its intimate feel the moment you step into the building. And if the food and specialty cocktails aren’t enough for you, then you’ll be astounded by some of the desserts they have available.

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