Tspoon’s mochi serves up ice cream in a doughy bite sized package in Red Bank

Tspoon is already known in Red Bank for its myriad of bubble teas, which on their own, is a unique and refreshing alternative to ice cream desserts you’ll find just about anywhere. Offering something different is absolutely one way to stick out from the pack.

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Tspoon is largely known for its bubble tea.

In our most recent visit, though, we noticed something new being served up! While its bubble teas and ice cream are prominently displayed, its brand new mochi desserts are tucked away in a separate area. Don’t be afraid to check it out, just because you’re in for a surprising treat.

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And don’t forget there’s also ice cream there!

So what’s this so-called mochi (moh•chee)? Well, it’s best described as bite sized servings of ice cream wrapped in a delicious, very doughy textured soft rice dough. In fact, mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet treat. And biting into one is an experience of its own!


Offering an assortment of mochi, you’ll definitely want to mix and match different flavors to get a good sense of what they offer. Don’t forget to check out our photos below to see what they’re all about!


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