Check out the photos from our recent happy hour visit to Danny’s Steakhouse

Fridays are meant for happy hour, but sometimes you’re running late to make it at some of the local places in town. Few places continue to offer happy hour specials after 6:00 PM, but you’ll be surprised that Danny’s Steakhouse offers its specials until 7:00 PM.

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That’s great news for those who can’t make the 4:00 PM timeframe that’s usually associated with the start of happy hour. Danny’s Steakhouse has its happy hour specials running from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Tuesdays to Fridays. And even better, happy hour specials are available all-day long on Mondays!

So, what can you expect? How about 1/2 priced select draft beers and wines, $7 filet spring rolls, $6 roasted garlic hummus with pita, $8 wings, and much more! Check out all the photos below to see what Danny’s Steakhouse has to offer!


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