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Best desserts in Red Bank

Spring is almost here, which signals the reopening of many seasonal eateries and restaurants. Ice cream shops, in particular, reopen for the occasion to offer their wealth of desserts. If you’re looking to scope out some amazing selections, we break down the best desserts in Red Bank based on our experience.

From traditional options, to some over-the-top creations, Red Bank is home to a wealth of eateries, restaurants, and dessert locations to satisfy the inner dessert foodie in you. In our ongoing quest to uncover the best desserts, we’ve rounded up several below that you need to check out.

We’ll continue to update this guide, so that you’re informed about what’s current and new!

Best desserts in Red Bank overview

  • Best dessert
  • Best hard ice cream
  • Best soft serve ice cream
  • Best over-the-top creation
  • Best banana split
  • Best bubble tea
  • Best pastry dessert
  • Best Nutella based dessert

Best dessert: The Cookie Jar Sundae at Char Steakhouse

Why we picked The Cookie Jar Sundae:

When you’re given the title of the best of the best, there are a lot of factors to consider. Char Steakhouse’s “The Cookie Jar Sundae” is a sight to behold because of the amount of dessert you’re getting!

Don’t let the cookie jar fool you, just because this dessert is packed to the brim with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, oreo crumbles, chocolate cake, macerated berries, Macadamia nuts, caramel, whipped cream, and a triple chocolate chip Nutella cookie!

It’s the kind of dessert that’s meant for four people. A couple may potentially be able to finish it, if and only if it’s the first thing they order. Best of all, it’s priced reasonably at $14!

Best hard ice cream: Luigi’s Ice Cream

Why we picked Luigi’s Ice Cream:

Two things we look for in hard ice cream is taste and creaminess. Lugi’s Ice Cream in Red Bank excels in delivering that with its lineup of hard ice cream. While they’ve expanded in offering a mutitude of desserts, such as ice cream rolls, milkshakes, and its one of a kind creamy buns, it’s the handcrafted ice cream that continues to be its main craft.

Best soft serve ice cream: Strollo’s Lighthouse

Why we picked Strollo’s Lighthouse:

Taking our pick for the best soft serve ice cream is Strollo’s Lighthouse. When spring arrives, it’s the destination for many because of its soft serve ice cream treats. What’s nice about them is the creamy texture they have, in addition to standing up well during those extra warm summer days. You’ll also find several different flavor of the day option, like Nutella, which is one of our favorites there!

Best over-the-top creation: Coney Waffle

Why we picked Coney Waffle:

Nothing gets more attention than something that’s over the top! You’ll find a couple of compelling desserts over at Coney Waffle if you’re looking to attract attention. Its signature sideshow milkshakes are incredibly ornate, featuring an assortment of sweet treats. If you prefer a more traditional ice cream option, they also offer it in a waffle cone option!

Best banana split: Cé La Vi

Why we picked Cé La Vi:

Throwing its own spin on the classic dessert, Cé La Vi’s banana split is complete with one of its sweet crepes. There’s a solid helping of ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce mixed in as well! One look, you’ll be impressed. One taste, you’ll be blown away!

Best bubble tea: JJ Delicacies

Why we picked JJ Delicacies:

If you’re looking for an authentic bubble tea, you only need to swing by JJ Delicacies right off Front Street. You’ll certainly appreciate how you can customize its bubble teas by choosing your flavor and add-ons, like boba bubbles. But, the best part about the bubble tea from JJ Delicacies is simply the taste!

Best pastry dessert: Antoinette Boulangerie

Why we picked Antoinette Boulangerie:

Antoinette Boulangerie’s variety of pastries make for some of the best desserts around. Take for example its eclairs, which are portioned perfectly for an individual. In addition to that, you can also find a wealth of fruit cakes, tarts, and many other pastries!

Best Nutella based dessert: Birravino

Why we picked Birravino:

Birravino may be known for the beers it brews on premise and its Italian dishes, but don’t skip on dessert because of the amazing dessert you can grab. Even though we mentioned some other desserts earlier that feature Nutella, the best one to feature it is Birravino’s Nutella funnel cake, which serves 1-2 people. The satisfaction of biting into it is simply bliss.


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