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Yappy Hour returns to the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park starting on April 6

The sun’s out longer, warmer temperatures are on the horizon, and yappy hour is set for its return! Join the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, as they’re set to have yappy hour return starting on Saturday, April 6th, where patrons can bring their favorite canines to experience their own happy hour of sorts!

Asbury Park’s infamous Wonder Bar is excited to
announce the seasonal grand opening of its wildly popular Yappy Hour on Saturday, April 6 from Noon until 7pm at the Wonder Bar’s outdoor Yappy Deck (1213 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park). The Yappy Hour’s grand opening is open to guests and their dogs to enjoy while benefitting the Asbury Boardwalk Rescue. The Wonder Bar will also play host to an exciting lineup of additional pet- friendly events and fundraisers benefitting different animal organizations and charitable causes throughout the year.

Yappy Hour has become one of New Jersey’s most popular dog meet-ups, attracting visitors from all over the Tri-State area, as well as spectators from all over the world. On a busy day, the event has garnered between 300-400 furry visitors at one time. Local legend, Bruce Springsteen has even been known to stop by to enjoy Wonder Bar’s Yappy Hour.

This year’s Yappy Hour deck will be complete with twelve swimming pools for dogs, an agility course and even a special time out area for those dogs who need a space to unwind or spend some time with their owner getting used to the fun. There will be a $5.00 entrance fee on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day Weekend until September, with proceeds benefitting the Asbury Boardwalk Rescue—a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care for the homeless animals of Asbury Park and the surrounding area. The Yappy Hour deck is open to customers 21 and over. Alongside is a connected, fenced-in area with tables and chairs to welcome those under 21 to watch the dogs romp around and enjoy something from the Wonder Bar food menu. The grand opening will feature food and drink specials and the event will also be selling Yappy Hour 2019 season passes for $60.00. Sundays in the summer will feature outdoor
live acoustic bands on the Yappy deck (unplugged, of course, for the safety of puppies’ ears).

Yappy Hour will open with a limited schedule in April and May, and starting in June will be open every day, weather permitting, and welcomes guests according to the following schedule:

April and May Hours:
Monday, 4pm – 7pm – Small Dogs Only
Friday, 4pm – 8pm – All Sized Dogs
Saturday/Sunday, Noon – 7pm – All Sized Dogs

June – September:
Monday, 4pm – 8pm – Small Dogs Only
Tuesday, 4pm – 8pm – All Sized Dogs
Wednesday, 4pm – 8pm – Small Dogs Only
Thursday/Friday, 4pm – 8pm – All Sized Dogs
Saturday/Sunday, 12pm – 8pm – All Sized Dogs

All dogs must be neutered and have a current proof of rabies documentation. Choke, prong and spike collars are not permitted as well as toys or dog food. Owners are expected to pick up after their dogs as well as be diligent about watching them. The Wonder Bar is extremely mindful of the safety and comfort of both its canine and human guests and for the enjoyment and safety of all, “Doggie Bouncers” are present during Yappy Hour to help both its four-legged and two-legged friends remain well behaved, well-mannered and abide by the rules to ensure a great time for all.

source: Wonder Bar

AP Boardwalk Yappy Hour Grand Opening

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