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Bradley Beach Lobsterfest serves up another family fun experience over Labor Day weekend [video]

The weather over Labor Day weekend was just perfect for Bradley Beach, which held its annual Lobsterfest event. The two day festival drew many people, local and far, to some live music, shopping, and food! Spanning a good portion of the Bradley Beach boardwalk, attendees definitely had a lot to experience for it!

The Bradley Beach Lobsterfst 2019 was held over August 31st and September 1st.

The food in particular seemed to be the biggest draw, with several participating food trucks selling out of their stock — while others amassed long lines that extended a fair amount of the boardwalks length. Santo Ceviche, with its distinctive and brightly colored food truck, sold out of its various seafood delights by the time Sunday came to a close. Others like Cousins Maine Lobster, were still busy with long lines for its food truck. Of course, if you didn’t feel like waiting, the folks over at Tacoholics were really quick to fulfill orders with its various tacos.

Beyond the food, there were also several vendors at Lobsterfest 2019 selling various products and service. There was also a central location that played live music, where you could sit down and relax while enjoying your food.

All in all, the Bradley Beach Lobsterfest continues to be a destination for many people over Labor Day weekend. You can check out all of the photos we captured below of it, including our video above that highlights all of the best aspects of the festival!

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