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Red Bank’s ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza slated to return in May

Without question, Red Bank’s identity easily changed overnight with the launch of the ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza last year in June. It helped usher in a change to Red Bank that hasn’t been seen before by closing down parts of Broad Street and Monmouth Street initially when it launched — providing locals and visitors with a sprawling pedestrian plaza that mimicked the style and allure of many European old cities.

Well, after some planning and direction, it looks like the Red bank ‘Broadwalk’ is set to return starting in May. You can read the full details from the resolution below that was passed recently. What’s important to take away from the resolution is the closure of specific streets for the pedestrian plaza.

This time around, however, Broad Street is being isolated to a short strip from Front street to White Street — so that’s significantly smaller than last year, when it was closed off from Front Street to nearly Wallace Street. While smaller, the closure will no doubt continue to attract people to downtown Red Bank. Nevertheless, we’ve heard from our readers on some of the biggest requests and changes people would like to see with Red Bank’s pedestrian plaza.

Now that it’s official, what are you most excited about?

source: Borough of Red Bank via Red Bank-Shrewsbury Patch

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