Seastreak’s whale watching tours out of Highlands returns in May

Seastreak’s whale watching tours were an undeniable attraction for locals and visitors last year, so it’s no surprise it’s making its return very soon. Starting on May 1, Seastreak ferry in Highlands will be offering tickets for its whale watching cruises where you’ll have the opportunity to spot some humpback whales.

The cruise lasts about 3 hours and will make a roundtrip voyage out of the Seastreak ferry in Highlands, NJ. In addition to potentially seeing humpbacks, you may be able to spot bottlenose dolphins, pelagic birds, sea turtles, and many other species. There’s ample room to enjoy all of the sights the tour has to offer, as well as a fully stocked bar.

The whale watching tours will run until November 28, so check out the calendar below for specific dates when these tours will be held. Tickets are $55 for adults and $25 for children 12 years old and under.

If you’re more about the beach life, you’ll be happy to know that the Sandbox at Seastreak Beach in Highlands will be opening as well for the season on May 1.

source: Seastreak

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