Seastreak Whale Watching Cruise brings a unique sort of family fun to the Jersey Shore

Commuting to New York City from the greater Jersey Shore area can be achieved a few ways, but the most unqiue has to be the ferry service provided by Seastreak out of Highlands, NJ. In addition to various cruises offered by them, the newest addition is their whale watching cruise.

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It’s an opportunity to see some of the most majestic sea creatures in the North Atlantic. From dolphins, to whales, turtles, and more, the Seastreak Whale Watching Cruise is a ton of fun for the whole family. We recently got the chance to check out the experience first-hand and it’s one of those opportunities you shouldn’t pass up. The 3-hour cruise leaves Highlands and makes the bend around Sandy Hook, with New York City’s skyline not too far away.

The tension of fish moving close to the surface is a key indicator of a whale nearby/

The sprawling ferry has both indoor and outdoor seating, but you’ll want to perch somewhere along the sides to get the best views. Once we were out in the Atlantic within whale watching grounds, with Jersey’s shores in the distance, we got our first glimpse of a potential whale sighting. The announcer on guided tour indicated that tension on the surface of the water is a good indication of fish grouping closer together.

Then all of a sudden, our first whale sighting happened as a humpback whale appeared on the surface and dove back down. Everyone was naturally excited by the sighting. Best of all, there were three occasions throughout the cruise when we saw humpback whales resurfacing. The cruise proceeded south along the Jersey Shore, coverings towns like Sea Bright, Long Branch, and Asbury Park in the process. Obviously, the weather way beyond perfect for this event.

Seastreak’s ferry service is located at 326 Shore Drive in Highlands, NJ.

If you’re interested in Seastreak’s Whale Watching Cruise, you can purchase tickets online at $55 for adults, $25 for children under 12. The whale watching cruise happen every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s a 3-hour cruise and you’re welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to check out all of our photos below.

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