Here are the biggest requests and changes people would like to see with Red Bank’s pedestrian plaza

Red Bank’s ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza has been an undeniable success over the summer, and with recent news about its extension to the end of November and becoming a 24/7 affair, the fall season may yield even more fruitful opportunities and success. Not only has the charm of the pedestrian plaza helped to attract a ton of visitors, but it has shown how a community can thrive through adversities.

We posted on several Facebook groups how they feel about the new change, as well as some of what other changes and additions they’d like to see — so here are some of the most noteworthy responses and requests about it.

  • Extending one more block would be awesome . They’re leaving out a few awesome businesses
    (anyone driving can easily drive on Maple ave instead)
  • Mandatory masks for those walking through/enforcement of mask requirements is needed.
  • Fixing the light at W. Front and Broad to better manage the new traffic pattern.
  • Extend it to include more restaurants.
  • Cars turning around going wrong way through some of the branching one-way streets off Broad Street.
  • Pedestrians being careful and waiting for the appropriate traffic signal to cross West Front St.
  • Keep the street performers going (in the evenings).
  • Some fall décor & maybe a set of cornhole boards.
  • A canopy and some heaters/
  • More access to some handicap parking spots.

What else would you like to see changed or added? It’s unclear whether or not the ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza will get an additional extension for the winter, but the cold and frigid temperatures certainly add more challenges. Regardless, it’s been an amazing transformation for Red Bank, especially in times like this.


  1. No street extension please. Think about those who go there at those locations every day by car it’s an inconvenience

  2. I clearly understand parking has been an issue but designate 20 spots close to the area as 15 min max. It will help regular customers and delivery drivers who are trying to pickup food to go from the restaurants.

  3. I think the mandatory Mask Wearing is essential. I know many of my friends will not come to RB due to the lack of mask wearing of the many passerby’s close to table when you are outside.

    Particularly curious why red bank police are unmasked?

    Any answers on this?
    I’ve written to both the mayor and governor on this!

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