10th Avenue Burrito’s $12 all-you-can-eat tacos experience

Okay, so what does $12 get you on a Tuesday at 10th Avenue Burrito? Given that the day has been made infamous thanks to tacos, you’re going to get your stomach full of all-you-can-eat tacos.Yes, you heard that right – as many tacos that your stomach can endure during the stay.

We recently checked it out over at the Red Bank location, so we thought we’d share with you folks some of the pictures and information related to our latest dining experience. On the menu, there are a total of 7 different kinds of tacos that the restaurant offers, but the following 5 are the only ones made available for taco Tuesday:

  • Steak & cheese
  • Chicken & cheese
  • Pork molé & cheese
  • Chorizo
  • Dirty hippy

The only ones not available for this all-you-can-eat special are the grilled mahi and grilled shrimp tacos. Speaking of strangely named tacos, the dirty hippy is actually a taco consisting of tofu, black beans, garlic, onion, cilantro, and lime. Between the two of us, we managed to scarf down a total of 10 tacos.

So if you’re up to the challenge, we definitely recommend checking it out on Tuesdays!

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