Reopening night for the Boondocks Fishery

With spring in full swing, and summer quickly approaching, it makes sense to find many reopenings for businesses that cater to specific seasons. That’s exactly the case for the Boondocks Fishery in Red Bank, which is slated to reopen once again for business tomorrow, May 17th.

The reopening event, of course, signals the onset of the busy summer season, as Red Bank continues to see an increase in visitors. For those salivating for this day, the Boondocks Fishery will have a phenomenal reopening special! It’ll be lobster night for this reopening, so that means $26.95 for 2 lobsters, corn, and potatoes!!

Not too shabby of a deal don’t you think? Make sure to take advantage of this when the restaurant finally opens its doors once again at 4PM.

source: Facebook

Reopening Boondocks Fishery


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