Red Tank Brewing will be releasing more Jay & Silent Bob limited edition beers

It looks like there’s a substantial demand for Jay and Silent Bob beers, especially after the successful collaboration between Red Tank Brewing and Kevin Smith’s famed brand last month for the grand opening of the Mobby’s pop up fast food restaurant at Gianni’s Pizzeria in Red Bank. If you missed out on snagging the limited editor beer, don’t worry because the folks over at Red Tank Brewing will be releasing more Jay and Silent Bob limited edition beers!

Jay and Silent Bob Licensing have partnered with Red Tank Brewing to create a line of Beers based on the iconic Jay and Silent Bob brand.

The first program for Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash Beer sold out in minutes in conjunction with the SOLD OUT  Mooby’s Red Bank Pop Up Restaurant.   Red Tank Brewing Company is following up with a number of limited edition Beers that will be available in New Jersey and distribution will grow with the overwhelming demand for the product.  In addition to Beer, they will also supplement the the Licensed Program with collector glassware and apparel.

Stuart Pollock, Segal Licensing that manages the Jay and Silent Bob Licensing Program  “We are ecstatic to be working with the Red Tank Brewing Company.  Having a partner from Kevin and Jay’s home town is a perfect fit for our fans.  We look forward to providing our fans with beer based on the Jay and Silent Bob universe.”

John & Lovina Arcara, founders of RED TANK BREWING in Red Bank,NJ : “We are so thankful and could not be more thrilled with our new partnership with the amazing JAY & SILENT BOB UNIVERSE. Born and raised right here in beautiful downtown Red Bank, Kevin’s hometown,  we’ve been huge fans since forever, and hope you have a blast with this as much as we are!”

source: Red Tank Brewing

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