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The current state of events at the Jersey Shore

One look at our events calendar for July, it’s a skimp selection when you compared it to last year. The ongoing pandemic continues to be a challenge, one that’s unlikely to be resolved anytime soon and bring us all back to a state of normalcy. Still, it makes you wonder about the future of events held in-and-around the greater Jersey Shore area.

Red Bank hosted several big name events in July, with the first major draw being the annual symphony in the park event at Marine Park. Throughout the month of July, other several big events are held around the area to draw out visitors both near and far. Here are just a few of them to refresh you memory:

The biggest fear is having a cluster of people in such close proximity to one another, so events like the ones mentioned above wouldn’t likely happen in their original incarnation if they’re to happen today. That makes us wonder how will these kinds of events adapt? Or will they be able to happen in the first place?

There are questions no doubt, but there’s no easy answer, which is why big attraction events are unlikely to happen this summer. In fact, many towns have either postponed or cancelled their 4th of July related events. On the other end of the spectrum, there are various farmers markets, drive-in theaters, and pedestrian plazas that have been held and continue to occur.

People will continue to seek out activities that would get them out of the house, there’s no denying that, especially given summer’s temperate conditions. Boardwalks throughout the Jersey Shore have already seen a significant amount of people traffic. That shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing that people are still seeking out events.

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