Red Bank’s pedestrian plaza to receive a slight change starting July 9

There’s no denying that Red Bank’s pedestrian plazas have been a huge hit. Weekends in particular are evident of that, as people flock down to Broad Street to dine out at any of the restaurants situated there. However, the Monmouth Street pedestrian plaza on Sundays don’t seen to be generating nearly the same amount of pedestrian traffic as Broad Street. And that’s partly why there’s going to be a makeover starting on Thursday, July 9.

Heading into the fourth week of our outdoor plazas, the Red Bank Reopening Task Force met via Zoom on July 6 to critique, evaluate and make adjustments to the street closures. Here are the changes – effective July 9, 2020:  

  • Broad Street (north of Wallace Street to Front Street) will be closed for outdoor dining and shopping from 4 p.m. Thursdays to 10 p.m. on Sundays. All tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. must be removed from the street on Sunday night. DPW will remove barricades and open Broad Street beginning at 5 a.m. on Mondays. 
  • Monmouth Street will be open to vehicle traffic on Sundays.

Based on the information, it looks as though the Broad Street pedestrian plaza will now encompass Thursday night to Sunday — whereas before, it only ran Thursday to Saturday. As for Monmouth Street, it looks like the pedestrian plaza is going away.

What do you think about the changes? Obviously, there are challenges with every scenario, but thankfully Monmouth Street is within walking distance from the Broad Street pedestrian plaza.

source: Red Bank Rivercenter


  1. That’s bullshit. Sunday are slow on Monmouth, because it’s SUNDAY. Give Broad Thursday Friday and Monmouth Saturday Sunday.

  2. These pictures look amazing and sooo festive! Happy Red Bank found a way to help our wonderful restaurants and keep the town hopping😎

  3. This is Bob McKay. My wife Elisabeth and I have McKay Imaging Photography on Monmouth St and have been participating in the Monmouth Street Pedestrian Plaza every Sunday. As photographers, we have not worked in 4 months and the Pedestrian Plaza was doing a lot of good for our business. We really need it to continue!
    All along, we have been thinking that the town needed to give us one other better day than Sunday. We would have been happy with Thursday’s as well. But now they are taking it away from is all together? We already felt like second fiddle on Monmouth Street but now we are abandoned all together!
    Whose idea was it to eliminate Monmouth Streets Pedestrian Plaza? Who will fight to reverse this terrible decision?
    Please support Monmouth Street businesses, even if the town won’t…

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