Face masks are now required to be worn when outdoors in public spaces

Ongoing concerns about coronavirus COVID-19 is forcing many states across the country to shutdown initial reopening plans as spikes continue to hinder the progress of flattening the curve. Here in the Garden State, cases have been in decline the last several weeks, prompting light reopenings for some businesses — such as outdoor dining with restaurants and shopping at retailers.

Due to the state’s rate of transmission increasing past 1, Governor Phil Murphy is signing an executive order that mandates face masks are required to be worn in outdoor public spaces when social distancing isn’t be practiced. Initially, face masks were only required when shopping indoors, but recent events now make it required outdoors.

In Red Bank, the newly opened pedestrian plazas have been a huge draw for both locals and visitors. Even though the majority of people walking through the plazas weren’t wearing masks when it initially opened up, it”s been increasing each week — with even more people wearing them over the July 4th weekend.

There are still some exceptions. For example, children under 2 years old aren’t required to wear masks. Additionally, you’re not required to wear them when you’re eating or drinking in establishments that offer outdoor dining. The bigger question, though, is how will events be affected by this? There doesn’t appear to be an end date for when this order expires, so events as a whole will be greatly impacted.

via NJ.com

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