Guinness Oyster Festival & International Beer, Wine, & Food Fest have been officially cancelled

Two of Red Bank’s biggest events for the year have been officially cancelled. Both the Guinness Oyster Festival that was slated for the end of September, along with the rescheduled International Beer, Wine, and Food Fest (originally planned for April) for October, have been cancelled due to the ongoing concerns around the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The events’ organizer, RUE Events, mentioned the cancellations in their newsletter. Given the situation of how there are spikes all around the country with COVID-19, it’s not all that shocking that these events were cancelled. The optimism for big events such as this happening weren’t that high, but nonetheless necessary.

With the cancellations of the Guinness Oyster Festival and International Beer, Wine, and Food Fest, it’s only the Red Bank Classic 5K Run that’s tapped as the last big event scheduled to take place in Red Bank — in October to be specific. However, it may ultimately be modified to become a virtual event, or cancelled entirely. Only time will tell.

We’ll definitely miss these events, but here’s a look back to last year’s Guinness Oyster Festival with photos below and our video above.

source: RUE Events


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