Another delay forces the Super Jersey Comic Expo to move to a later date in 2021

There was certainly a ton of hype for the first ever Super Jersey Comic Expo at Bell Works, but the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic forced the event to move to a newer date in August. However, it appears as though that this year’s event is being scrapped altogether in favor of moving it to the March 2021 time frame.

To our beloved attendees, vendors and artists-

We know it’s been a weird past few months, we know everyone has lost money due to closures and being unable to attend conventions. We know that yada yada yada, you’ve heard it from everyone already.

We’re gonna get right to the point.

SJCE is being moved to March 2021.

Pretty sure everyone saw this coming, or at least knew it was a possibility. This hurts us too. 2 of our 3 founding members for SJCE set up at conventions regularly, and it’s been felt across the board.

We were informed last week that Bell Works will not be allowing any large events at their venue for the Summer, however it is their intention to work with us in every way possible so that we can secure our 2021 date of Saturday, March 20th. This is tentative and not confirmed, but they are working with us the best they can, as everyone is learning throughout this entire thing. We couldn’t be more thankful of how great it is to work with them.

You’ve trusted us this far, and now we are hoping you’ll continue to trust us to absolutely knock a grand slam out of the park next Spring once our new sense of “normal”(what even is that anymore) returns.

All tickets will be refunded this week. General, VIP, etc.

Vendors & Artists, you’ve been emailed with your options on refunds or to hold your table spots.

Tickets for the NEW “First-Ever” Super Jersey Comic Expo will go on-sale in November, by then we will have a certain date and better plan.

From all of us at SJCE’s team, we truly hope this finds you well and that you’ve been keeping safe through this rollercoaster of a year that 2020 has already been.

You’re going to see smaller events popping up here and there. We know for a fact that there is one at Plunder Palace in Cherry Hill this weekend, and the legendary Frankenstein Comics is planning a July 4th weekend, plus it looks like ToyCon NJ has a 4-day toy melee scheduled for the final weekend in August.

-If you’re asked to wear a mask, DO IT.
-If you’re supposed to social distance, DO IT.
-Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.
-Please, PLEASE be safe and take the precautions needed so we can begin moving back to something that represents normal.

Despite the cancellation of this year’s event, you can certainly expect a bigger showing come next year when it’s held. We’ll keep you updated with all the news surrounding its firm date.

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