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Things to continue doing when the lockdown and quarantine end

We all didn’t know how bad things would get when the first confirmed reports of coronavirus COVID-19 cases were reported in our local communities, but it changed our way of life in a dramatic way. People have hunkered down, with some being given the flexibility of working from home.

Through it all, though, many of us adopted some new ideas and practices to keep up safe — as well as preoccupied. However, it appears as though we’ve finally been able to flatten the curve, thanks in part to the dedication of our healthcare professionals, and the measures put in place for people to adhere to social distancing.

While the inevitability of our return to normal life is on the horizon, it begs the question of what we should continue to do when the lockdown and quarantine end. We’ve compiled a list, so check it out below!

Continue to wash hands properly

There was a huge effort to make the public aware about proper hand washing guidelines, which was shown to be a significant weapon to protect us from germs. Most people weren’t too concerned about how to wash them properly, or how long to do it, but the CDC’s guidelines recommends at least 20 seconds for washing your hands.

Support local businesses

Small businesses have been adversely affected by the lockdown. Even though restaurants and some other essential businesses were given the opportunity to remain open in limited capacity, they’ll need our help once this is all over. Shopping local and small businesses help out communities in a huge way!

Keeping in touch with people via teleconferencing

With quarantine measures and social distancing rules in place, it meant that people didn’t get to see each other in real life like they normally do. Instead, many of us adopted the use of various teleconferencing services to keep in touch with our friends and family members. Don’t stop using them after the lockdown, especially for those who live very far away.

Host virtual events

Being locked up at home has inspired people to come up with some inventive ideas on how to stay active. Students have turned to a new way of education online, while small businesses have opted to offer virtual events. Sure, we may be able to see people and visit places in the near future, but don’t stop hosting virtual events.

Taking walks while social distancing

Outdoor activities will be interesting once the lockdown ends, just because many new procedures will be put in place to continue combating the pandemic. However, taking a stroll through a neighborhood has become an activity many have taken to doing with the lockdown. If it’s a beautiful day outside, don’t hesitate walking outdoors — while adhering to social distancing rules.


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