The Boondocks Fishery is slated to open for takeout this May

Okay, we know that the lockdown is still in place, forcing many restaurants to either close down entirely or shift to a takeout/delivery only strategy to combat the pandemic. However, there’s one particular restaurant that’ll be reopening once again for the season — the Boondocks Fishery in Red Bank.

We know, you’re probably excited by this, since it’s a place that’s open seasonally in the spring, summer, and fall. Its lobster dishes and various seafood bites are no doubt going to be offered, but just know that the Boondocks Fishery will be offering takeout when it opens on Tuesday, May 19.

Obviously, it’s still anyone’s guess how things will go as we continue to flatten the curve, but if you’ve been yearning for Boondocks Fishery’s dishes, your time is nearing to once again taste them. You’ll be able to order takeout soon!

source: Facebook


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