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Best food deals in Red Bank

As we’ve witnessed, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. Small businesses have been adversely affected, with many non-essential establishments shuttering their doors indefinitely to decrease the spread of the outbreak.

However, restaurants and eateries have been deemed as essential businesses, so those that have opted to move forward have been offering takeout and delivery. After a month of this, we’ve finally looked over some of the best food deals in Red Bank during this pandemic.

These are some outstanding deals that you shouldn’t miss out. While happy specials are no more at the moment, you’ll be surprised by the amount of specials that are available through takeout and delivery. Check them out!

Best food deals overview

  • Best BOGO deal
  • Best taco deal
  • Best burger deal
  • Best pizza deal
  • Best pasta deal
  • Best steak deal
  • Best package deal under $30
  • Best package deal under $50
  • Best sushi deal

Best BOGO deal: Neapoli Italian Kitchen

Why we picked Neapoli Italian Kitchen:

Nothing’s better than a deal that’s available every day, which is why you’ll want to check out Neapoli Italian Kitchen. First of all, they’re offering a BOGO offer consisting of buying one pizza, get the second at half off. Additionally, you can score yourself a margherita pizza and soft drink for FREE with any order $65+ order. However, if you mention Red Bank Pulse in your order, they’ll honor the free pizza and soda for orders $45+.

Best taco deal: Tacoholics

Why we picked Tacoholics:

Nothing has changed with Tacoholics, even though they too have switched to a takeout and delivery strategy. You’ll find their best deal on Tuesdays, since the tacos joint offers a 50 percent discount off select tacos in its menu all-day long! If you’re looking to celebrate taco Tuesday, then look no further than Tacoholics because this deal is hard to beat if you’re in the mood for them!

Best burger deal: Jamian’s Food & Drink

Why we picked Jamian’s Food & Drink:

You’re going to want to order a burger from Jamian’s Food & Drink on Mondays. That’s because they offer a special that consists of a burger, wings, chips, and your choice of beer for $15! Yes people, you read that right. You get all of that for $15, so don’t miss out on this deal when Monday comes around.

Best pizza deal: Pazzo MMX

Why we picked Pazzo MMX:

Pizza can be found just about everywhere in Red Bank. From local pizzeria parlors, to fine dining restaurants, there’s no denying that people love pizza — plus, you can find several deals. But, the best one has to be what Pazzo MMX offers on Mondays where you can orders its pizzas at half the price. You’ll have you opportunity from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with pickup, or 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with delivery.

Best pasta deal: Pazzo MMX

Why we picked Pazzo MMX:

Much like its pizza deal, Pazzo MMX offers the same generous 50% off discount to its pastas on Mondays. You’ll have a variety of pasta dishes to choose from, so order away when you can on Mondays.

Best steak deal: Danny’s Steakhouse

Why we picked Danny’s Steakhouse:

Even before the pandemic, Danny’s Steakhouse offered one of the best steak deals around. On Wednesdays, the popular restaurant still continues to offer its prime rib special — a 10 ounce thick slice of prime rib with a side of garlic mashed potatoes for $21.99! It’s something you can order for takeout or delivery.

Best package deal under $30: Urban Coalhouse

Image courtesy of Urban Coalhouse

Why we picked Urban Coalhouse:

If you have a family to feed, but looking to get some incredible value, then check out Urban Colahouse’s $29 Family Packages. They’re comprised out of four specific packages, consisting of penne vodka with chicken, eggplant parmigiana, chicken parmigiana, and sausage & broccoli rabe with penne. Each family package also comes with a house salad with dressing. They’re available all week long, takeout or delivery!

Best package deal under $60: B2 Bistro + Bar

Image courtesy of B2 Bistro + Bar

Why we picked B2 Bistro + Bar:

Looking to get more food? Then consider B2 Bistro + Bar’s $50 for 2 combo, which features your choice of 2 entrees, 4 sides, and 1 pizza or starter. The entrees consist of half herb roasted chicken, pulled pork, duck confit, spaghetti squash, skin on salmon, and NY strip. It’s a generous helping of food, but there’s also the $120 package that doubles the amount of food.

Best sushi deal: Danny’s Steakhouse

Why we picked Danny’s Steakhouse:

Okay, you’re probably wondering how a steakhouse of all places offers the best sushi deal? But besides its specialty in steaks, Danny’s Steakhouse is equally known for its sushi! On Thursdays, you can order its sushi special, which consists of two traditional dinner rolls for $15, or three traditional rolls for $22. The prices include your choice of miso soup, seaweed salad, or edamame.


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