Gear you’ll want to bring for that perfect beach day at the Jersey Shore

Yes, summertime is here at the Jersey Shore! And you know what that means, right? For many of the locals around the area, including visitors from out-of-state, the garden state is known for its vast beaches.

If you’re planning to visit the beaches this summer, then you’ll want to bring the proper gear with you to ensure you’ll have that perfect day at the beach. Obviously, sun screen and some snacks are always necessary, but there are still other things that most people wouldn’t consider – which is why you’ll want to read on!

Below, we’ve compiled some recommendations ranging from fashionable gear that’ll make you look cool and hip, all the way to stuff that offers a bit more utility. It’s quite a diversified collection of gear, so if you want to learn more about any of them, just click the headers.

Without any more delay, these are the gear you’ll want to bring for that perfect beach day at the Jersey Shore!

Solo New York

Thoughtfully Designed Bags and Cases for the Modern Go-Getter

A day at the beach still means you’ll need to bring along some kind of bag or backpack to safely store away some of your clothes, gear, and snacks while you’re enjoying the day. That’s why you’ll want to check out the collection of backpacks, duffel bags, and messengers that Solo New York has to offer. Not only are they stylish and cover the gamut, they’re also extremely functional.


Polarized Shades for Stylish Adventure 

Looking cool or hip at the beaches requires you to wear a pair of shades. For this, we’re recommending the ones from Sunski, a maker of sunglasses that are unique because many of them are created from recycled plastic. From the brightly colored frames that’ll make you instantly fashionable, to the polarized lenses to see through the glare, you’ll have a decent variety to check out!


The Brand That Started the Portable, Lightweight Furniture Category

You probably own a beach chair of some kind, but Helinox’s collection features portable and lightweight furniture that offers superior comfort and utility. Not only are they stylish and brightly colored, which makes them perfect for the beach, but they can easily be collapsed and condense for easier storage and travel!

The Ridge

Everyday Essentials that Do More With Less

Slim, RFID-blocking front pocket wallet made from Aluminum, Titanium, or Carbon Fiber. Skip out on bringing that old, worn out wallet you’ve been using for sometime, that’s probably overstuffed too. Enter The Ridge, which offers some neat-o wallets that condenses all of your valuable cards and cash into one pocket-sized friendly thing.


Waterproof binoculars insanely clear optics

The beaches have plenty of things to check out and see, including some wildlife. If you want to make sure that get the best looks, then check out the NOCS Standard Issue binoculars. It’ll ensure your view is unobstructed if you’re looking to see some wildlife up close and personal, or just check up on some friends to make sure they’re safe in the water enjoying themselves.

Katherine Homes

Created to Inspire. Katherine Homes Generates Awareness Around Threatened Species and Wildlands Through Affordable and Functional Artwork.

If the sun is obstructing your vision, then check out the various caps in the Katherine Homes collection. Even better, many of the designs feature aquatic scenes that are ideal to show off at the Jersey Shore. Plus, the patters and artworks are vibrant and colorful, so you’ll be the center of attention when wearing one!

Alchemy Bicycles

High-Performance Carbon Fiber Bicycles for Road and Mountain Riding

Getting around the Jersey Shore beaches can be difficult, mainly because of the congestion with the influx of people in the area. Add to that, parking may be nearly impossible to find as well, which is why it helps to bike. Check out the collection of carbon fiber bikes from Alchemy Bicycles that are ideal for the shore!


Born in 2009 from a desire to make cycling more fun, inclusive, unique, and rad

Alternatively, there’s also the collection of bikes from RITTE, which not only offers some bikes that’ll help you get around the beach areas, but also the appropriate biking gear as well to make sure you’re protected and visible!


Blankets for Everywhere

During the afternoon when the sun is at its strongest and temperatures near their highest, you’ll want to take shade with a beach blanket beneath you. When the sun sets, though, it can get a bit cooler by the shore, especially when the winds pick up. That’s why you should consider the compact and travel friendly blankets from Rumpl. They’ll keep you nice and warm, while also giving you the necessary barrier between you and the sand.

Hammerstone Goods

Adventure-Ready Skincare and Grooming Products

In addition to getting your tan on at the beach, you still want to make sure that you smell good as well! Hammerstone Goods has you covered with its line of skincare and grooming products. From deodorants, to lip balms, and even some useful tools, they offer a wide variety of products to check out!

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