Asbury Park Rosé Fest served up refreshments & social atmosphere for attendees [video]

Beer and wine festival are no doubt plentiful around the Jersey Shore area, but when it comes to rosé festivals, it’s something that doesn’t happen frequently. Therefore, when the announcement for the Asbury Park Rosé Fest came up, you knew people would gobble it up.

And based on Saturday’s event, the event surely delighted attendees with refreshments and entertainment. Boasting an assortment of rosé wines, as well as some mixed varieties, participants were treated to a diverse selection during the tasting.

Best of all, the tasting fostered a very pleasant social atmosphere. During our visit, we managed to speak to one of the event’s co-founders, Melanie Rizzo, who spoke more about what the event featured and one of the benefactors.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos below from the event, as well as our video above!

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