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Our coverage of the July 2018 Red Bank Food & Wine Walk


The first Red Bank Food & Wine Walk may be over, but don’t worry, we have all the coverage if you missed out on yesterday’s delightful event!

One of the town’s annual events, the Food & Wine Walk allowed participants to walk through downtown Red Bank, sampling many delicious lite bites and refreshing beverages from the participating businesses. From sweet treats such as croissants and cupcakes, to savory samples like lobster mac and cheese, and even some cocktails, there was a healthy sample of various offerings.

Now, if you’re bummed about missing out on the festivities yesterday, don’t fret because there are still three more dates on tap for the Red Bank Food & Wine Walk. In fact. the next one happens on August 19th! You can purchase tickets now for that one, or any of the others lined up.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos below, so you can ge an indication of what to expect with the next one! And also make sure to watch our video above, which highlights all of the fun from the first event.


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