Big sales happening now at Toymasters

Looks like there are some big sales happening now over at Toymasters in Red Bank, in anticipation of  the owner’s retirement by the end of the year. You can read more about it from the press release below, which was provided by Hobbymasters, which is as separate company/entity apart from Toymasters.

Red Bank – Hobbymasters announced yesterday that Denise, owner of Toymasters, gave notice that she will be retiring by the end of the year. Many customers may not have known that the two businesses are separate entities. Toymasters specializes in higher quality and educational toys for kids under the age of 8 while Hobbymasters caters to the older generations. Hobbymasters was formed in 1974 and began renting space to Toymasters in 1984. Longtime residents will remember Toymasters space was once occupied by Murphy’s Crafts which eventually outgrew the space and moved to the space now occupied by Gaetano’s on Wallace Street before retiring. Toymasters has announced large sales encouraging customers to take advantage of early Christmas shopping opportunities and to say farewell. Hobbymasters is planning to continue carrying children’s toys and is working to make the transition as seamless as possible. “Constant change is required to keep our customers having fun and is why we are constantly evolving what is inside the doors.” says Hobbymasters manager, Alan Placer. “While we are saddened to see Toymasters close,Hobbymasters looks forward to the opportunity to bring new experiences such as in-house birthday parties, special events, and an increased opportunity for involvement with the Red Bank community. It is not clear yet if Toymasters will remain a separate entity or if the two stores will be blended into one incredible experience. We are currently accepting applications for managers and looking for new owners at the same time to see which option is more appealing.”
Thank you Denise and the Toymasters crew for the years of dedication and the smiles you brought to so many people.

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