Mr. Pizza Slice: The Original & the Rabe

Walking down the sidewalk on Monmouth Street, you really can’t miss it because at some point, you’re going to cross its path. And that’s none other than the unmistakable Mr. Pizza Slice statue!

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You’ll come across this statue at some point walking down Monmouth Street.

We stopped by the famous pizza joint in Red Bank recently for a quick bite, which is located at 10 Monmouth Street. Not only are you instantly greeted to the assortment of pizza pies on display there, but inside you’ll find several other mementos left over from the original Mr. Pizza Slice.

For this visit, we kept it simple by opting to order a slice of the original cheese slice and something different with the sausage brocoli rabe. Anyone who has lived in Red Bank will surely recognize the name, since Mr. Pizza Slice is an iconic part of the town’s growth.

Check out all the photos from our recent visit below!

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