Toast City Diner: Where breakfast, brunch, and lunch collide together

Breakfast, check. Brunch, check. Lunch, check. You’ll get all three when you visit Toast City Diner in Red Bank, situated at a central area over at 45 Monmouth Street.

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Open daily from 7:30AM to 3:00 PM

With its distinctive diner-esque look and feel, Toast City Diner in Red Bank has all the comforts you expect from a traditional diner – including some jukebox decor at some of its booths. Open daily from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM all week-long, it’s where breakfast, brunch, and lunch all collide together.



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Its spin on the classic, the “Brookdale” cheesesteak!

At our visit, we ordered the brocoli, cheddar, and bacon scramble, as well as the Brookdale Cheesesteak – its spin on the classic cheesesteak. Therefore, if you want breakfast in the afternoon, you can definitely get it here.

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Who doesn’t love breakfast in the afternoon?

As usual, don’t forget the latest pictures we snapped up during our visit below!



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