T. Thomas Fortune’s ‘Midsummer Night Affair’ on July 27th at The Danish Cafe

If you’ve gone over the train tracks crossing over Drs James Parker Blvd, you’ve probably noticed a building nearby that’s in the process of being renovated. It’s the future home of the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center.

The T. Thomas Fortune Committee will be holding a networking event on Thursday, July 27th, over at The Danish Cafe in The Galleria for its ‘Midsummer Night Affair.’ It’s being done to celebrate the coming of the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center..

Being a networking event, there will be food, wine, beer, & other refreshments there. For more details about the event, which runs from 5:30PM to 8:00 PM, they can be found in the links below. Ticket prices are $35 per person.

source: Eventbrite via Facebook

Fortune Midsummer Night Affair

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