Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: The Tasting Room, Faustini Wines

By now, everyone knows that Red Bank’s tagline – “a cool little town.” The town thrives thanks to its rich history, reputation for being unique, and just a place where there’s a lot to do.

We recently visited The Tasting Room over on Broad Street, a place where you get to sample an assortment of wines from the store’s collection. From reds to whites, merlots to moscatos, the Faustini Wine collection all hail from the Nappa Valley.


It wouldn’t be called the Tasting Room if you didn’t taste the wine, right? Well, in addition to that, you’ll also sample a few snacks in the process to complement your selection. Best of all, the pairings that are provided, such as the cheese platter we checked out, come from other local stores and restaurants – so in this case, the cheese platter comes from The Cheese Cave.

Experiencing the wines is one thing, but it’s also another when you’re given a brief history about each wine, like the meticulous process they go through to be produced. And best of all, the ambiance and atmosphere of the Tasting Room makes it an ideal place to bring friends.

Anyways, please make sure to check out our video, along with all of the photos, that perfectly captures the essence of the Tasting Room. If you’re interested, you can make an appointment through their website, but walk-ins are still welcomed.

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