Our coverage of the Guinness Oyster Festival

You wouldn’t have an inkling that it were fall already after Sunday’s Guinness Oyster Festival in town, just because the weather was just perfect for the festivities. Red Bank kicked off another oyster festival with a ton of excitement, food, live music, and fun for everyone to enjoy.

From feasting on the chilled oysters, to downing a cold Guinness, there was undeniably a lot to see and do during the festival, which was held in the White Street parking lot. Of course, the beautiful weather attributed to the buzzing atmosphere and all . You could sat that it was a perfect ending to the summer, or conversely, a start to the fall season.

We were there to capture what went down during the Guinness Oyster Festival, so don’t forget to watch the video above and check out the images in the slide show below.

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