Dinner at Dish: Part 2

As if once wasn’t enough, we found ourselves back at Dish Restaurant right on White Street for dinner. You can say that it left an impression on us the first time around! So when the opportunity arises to dine on some fabulous dishes, you know we’re going to share the experience with everyone – in a way, you can argue that we’re foodies at heart.

Before we dive into the good stuff, the location is something worth noting. Walk by too quickly, you might not even realize that you’ve passed it. It’s a quaint place that hits you with that homestyle vibe the moment you enter the door. There’s even a spot right by the front door to leave your umbrella if it’s raining.

Talking about the food at dish is hard to describe, just because it’s better to see and taste them for yourselves. From the salads, to the main entrées, and finally the desserts, Dish delivers the kind of cooking you’re accustomed to getting at home – and that’s what makes it so unique. And oh yeah, did we mention it’s BYOB as well?

Anyways, be sure to check out the video above, as well as the pictures, since they really paint Dish’s story quite succinctly.

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