Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: Mr Pizza Slice

Sometimes you  miss happy hour, which means that you’ll need to make some alternate plans. While you can still proceed to sit down and have dinner somewhere in town, others might see it more as an opportunity to takeout and eat-in instead. Considering that the weather was being a bit unpredictable on this Friday night, we opted to go with the former.

We were craving pizza! With that in mind, we remembered how we visited Mr. Pizza Slice for a quick bite during Pokemon Go night in Red Bank – so we decided to check them out. One of the unique things about this pizza joint is the monster sized slices they offer, they’re no joke at all! In fact, 2 slices would satisfy most mortals.

In addition to some of the standard pies you’re probably used to, Mr. Pizza Slice offers a delectable array of specialty pies covering the gamut. Out of the bunch, we went with the chicken bacon ranch pie, so you’ve got to check out our video to see how it turned out.

Those interested in checking out Mr. Pizza Slice, they’re located right off Monmouth Street.

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