Toffee style cold brew is Rook Coffee’s first seasonal drink of the new year

Are you tired of the same bland coffee? Then try something new, like Rook Coffee’s Toffee Style Cold Brew — its first seasonal drink for the new year!

Rook Coffee Kicks Off 2021 with Toffee Style Cold Brew 

This fan-favorite release makes its highly anticipated return as the first seasonal brew of the year

Long Branch, N.J. (January 29, 2021) – Rook Coffee releases Toffee Style Cold Brew as the first seasonal release of the company’s 2021 limited coffee line up. During these crazy times, cold brew lovers can find comfort in this long standing favorite. Toffee Style first debuted in March 2019 and is a tasty treat reminiscent of smooth caramely goodness, meeting your favorite dark roasted cold brew. 

This seasonal cold brew is completely all-natural, made with fresh, dark roasted cold brew coffee infused with chicory and all-natural chocolate, vanilla and toffee flavors. Toffee Style Cold Brew contains no artificial ingredients, colorings, syrups or added sugar.

Toffee Style Cold Brew is enjoyed at its best with dairy or a non-dairy alternative and a touch of sweetener, which highlight the delicious caramel and smooth chocolate flavors. The cold brew concentrate itself is vegan, if a non-dairy alternative is used. 

This cold brew follows the limited release of Costa Rica Las Palomas, which is available by the cup and bag in all Rook Coffee retail locations and online at rookcoffee.com. The medium roast coffee boasts velvety flavors of nutella and citrus, with sweet and fruity notes, which showcase the complexities of this crop.

Toffee Style Cold Brew launched online by the bottle and in all retail locations by the cup and bottle on Wednesday, January 27. This delicious brew will be available for a limited time only.

source: Rook Coffee

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