Red Bank’s ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza goes 24/7 and gets extended into November

There’s no denying that Red Bank’s ‘Broadwalk’ pedestrian plaza was a smashing success when it launched over the summer, but everyone was wondering whether or not it would continue well into the fall. Luckily, the news turns out that it will!

Not only is the pedestrian plaza being extended into the fall, set to end on November 30, but now it’s going to be a 24/7 fixture — rather than the Thursday to Sunday schedule it’s been running on. That’s wonderful news for the many businesses set up shot directly within the pedestrian plaza’s vicinity. Restaurants situated there have benefitted the most from it, evident by the amount of patrons enjoying outdoor dining and the vibrant scenery.

However, with temperatures continuing to drop as we head into the thick of fall, it’ll be interesting to see if the appeal of the pedestrian plaza will continue to flourish. Thankfully, restaurants have offered indoor dining at a limited capacity, but when the weather becomes frigid, it’ll deter people from dining outdoors. Time will tell, but this move to a 24/7 schedule will certainly change the dynamics of downtown Red Bank.


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