Jay and Silent Bob are coming home again for a special live podcast event at Bell Works

Well, there’s going to be more of Kevin Smith around the area, thanks in part to this upcoming event that’s being held at Bell Works on Friday, September 18. The JAY & SILENT BOB GET OLD 10TH ANNIVERSARY DRIVE-IN will feature Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, aka Jay and Silent Bob, as they host the special event to celebrate 10 years of their live podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.

Tickets are $100 per vehicle, since it’s going to be held as a socially distant drive-in theater presentation. The last time the pair were in the area together was back when they achieved setting a Guinness World Record in Red Bank. Kevin Smith is also planning to open his Mooby’s popup fast food experience next week at the Gianni’s in Red Bank, so it makes sense that he’s going to be making the rounds while he’s back here in the Garden State.

You’d better hurry up and snag some tickets to this Bell Works event because they frequently sell out quick!

source: SMODCAST & Show Clix

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