Bell Works reopens to the public with house rules in place

Bell Works recently sent out a newsletter to its subscribers informing them that they’re now finally open to the public. It’s been a while, but the Metroburb looks like it’s slowly getting back into the swing of things. Everyone has been affected in some degree by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, which has stricken small businesses as a whole.

With the announcement comes a few house rules that guests and visitors need to abide by while visiting the sprawling location. You can learn more about them in the link below. In the coming week, too, you can expect more announcements surrounding news, events, and services offered by its existing establishments.

Entering and Exiting Bell Works

➔ Tenants will enter Bell Works using the East and West entrances and park in their respective parking lots.
➔ Visitors and retail customers will enter Bell Works using the front entrance.
➔ Masks are required when entering Bell Works, and when in common areas.
➔ Compliance with social distancing guidelines is required.
➔ Thermal scanning units will be located at each entrance of the building. Any person entering Bell Works will be scanned upon arrival.

source: Bell Works via Facebook

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