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Register now for our upcoming Jersey Shore Summer 2020 Guide

It’s been an interesting year to say the least. Our way of live changed dramatically by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many small businesses to close and people to practice social distancing guidelines in order to flatten the curve. As we’ve seen, however, things are slowly going back to normal, but there’s still work that’s needed to be done. With summer on the horizon, it brings along some new challenges — such as how businesses will operate.

Now that we’re nearing the busiest time of the year for the Jersey Shore, summertime to be more exact, it’s your opportunity to get noticed through our upcoming Jersey Shore Summer 2020 Guide! Whether your business has gone all virtual, or plans to adapt new guidelines to conduct safe business, our guide will be the chance for people to know what you’ll be offering.

This summer 2020 guide will encompass a wide range of things, and it’s not just limited to Red Bank. We’re eager to share all of the exciting and fun stuff happening in the greater Jersey Shore area! Whether you’re a local non-profit trying to spread awareness about your cause, or a newly opened business trying to get noticed, our Jersey Shore Summer 2020 Guide will be a perfect opportunity for you to get noticed – while allowing us to tell your story!

For those wishing to take part, the cost to be included in our 2020 Jersey Shore Summer Guide is $50, which will include the following:

  • Up to a 100 word description in our online Jersey Shore Summer 2020 Guide
  • Production of a single 30-second video clip
  • 1 dedicated social media blast specific to your non-profit/business/cause

You’ll be able to share these videos at any time through our YouTube channel. We’ll be actively promoting this guide, as well as complementing it with our usual social media blasts.

We’re storytellers at heart that are passionate about telling them through the power of video. If you’re curious about our storytelling abilities through our videos, feel free to check out some of the stuff we’ve produced already with some local businesses and events.

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