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Highlands Oktoberfest 2019 is always an annual local event for beer lovers

When it comes to Oktoberfest, no one sets the bar high for other towns quite like the Highlands. The Highlands Oktoberfest 2019 event was held on Saturday, October 5, featuring German beers, authentic Oktoberfest cuisine, and live music.

The event, which was organized by the Highlands Business Partnership, shows us how an Oktoberfest event should turn out. Yes, there was ample beer being poured throughout the event, along with a variety of satisfying German food, but the event also featured a beer stein holding contest, costume party, and much more!

Held at Veterans Memorial Park off Bay Avenue in Highlands, it’s an ideal place to host an Oktoberfest styled event. The biergarten styled tables offered plenty of seating for attendees, while the various craft vendors around offered people some shopping opportunities.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from Highlands Oktoberfest 2019 below! Also, watch the video above to get a peek at what went on at this fun event.

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