Taste of Highlands 2019 shows why it’s one of the best food tasting events around the area [photos]

We’re foodies, there’s no denying that. The area hosts a variety of food tastings and tours that showcase the local restaurant scene, but we have to admit that Taste of Highlands certainly shows us why it’s one of the best around.

The most recent one was held over the weekend, June 22nd, organized by the Highlands Business Partnership. The non-profit organization has been instrumental in promoting all the wonderful things that Highlands offers throughout the year in terms of events. With 23 participating eateries, restaurants, and businesses, this year’s Taste of Highlands did not disappoint!

What’s really remarkable is that every single location offered some sort of lite bite to snack on, as well as a refreshment of some kind. And you know what? The portions were more than generous, so it’s the kind of thing that ensured you weren’t hungry by the time it wrapped up.

Don’t believe us why it’s one of the better food tasting events around the Jersey Shore? Just check out all of the photos below that we captured from the event!


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