Flash mob dancers with Life Vest Inside took over Broad Street in Red Bank to honor World Kindness Day [video]


If you were in downtown Red Bank on Sunday, November 11th, you might’ve noticed that a part of Broad Street was closed down – with a bunch of people dancing on the street.

Members from the non-profit, Life Vest Inside, were spreading acts of kindness to help celebrate World Kindness Day, which is on November 13th. Not only were there various fun activities held for it in Red Bank, but the organization also worked in collaboration with another local non-profit, Kick Cancer Overboard, by offering them a portion of the proceeds generated by the event.

Life Vest Inside flash mob dancing World Kindness Day 106 of 117
Dancers with Life Vest Inside filled Broad Street on November 11th to celebrate World Kindness Day.

With dancers filling up the street, they eventually formed a freeze mob – where participants stayed “frozen” in various poses. Eventually, the group performed a dance flash mob, as they all moved in synchronization to a choreographed dance routine. We got the chance to interview Terese Rolke, the local leader/organizer for the Red Bank celebration with Life Vest Inside, as well as co-leader Sherilyn Przelomski, who both went into detail about the event in our video above.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the pictures below, as well as our video above, to see what the event was all about. It’s been an annual tradition for Life Vest Inside to celebrate World Kindness Day in Red Bank, so you can expect to see it come back next year during around the same time.



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