Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash on 35 Broad Street set to close, moving to new location

Yes, you read that right people. The longtime, dream come true comic book shop owned by famed movie director and comic book aficionado, Kevin Smith, is going to be closing its doors on December28 for good on 35 Broad Street in Red Bank after being there for over two decades. It’s one of those must-visit places in Red Bank that every visitor, both near and far, should check out at some point. Over the years, many of AMC’s Comic Book Men episodes were filmed at the store — while also giving viewers a peek at the great town of Red Bank in the process.

While it’s unfortunate to hear about the closing, you probably don’t need to shed a tear because the new Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is moving down the block to 65 Broad Street — a corner location that’s been vacant for some time. Smith strategically shared the news on his Twitter account, which definitely stirred up some concern if you didn’t read past the first line in his tweet. His accompanying video below also revealed the shocking news about the closing, but in true Kevin Smith fashion, he segued the conversation to a happier tone for the reveal about it moving down the block.

The grand opening for the new location is being planned for sometime in the first or second week of January, but we’ll share the news once it gets closer. Now that the word is out about the store’s closing and anticipated reopening, it’s a good opportunity to swing by the Stash’s current location one last time.

source: Kevin Smith


  1. Please tell me there’s a moving sale going on? I would love to buy something for my husband.

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