Annual Kites at the Pier Festival will be held on September 8th at Pier Village

Kite flyers will be flocking to the annual Kites at the Pier Festival on Saturday, September 8th, where enthusiasts of all levels will be showcasing their amazing creations and flying them!

Kite flyers from all areas of the eastern seaboard will fly their most incredible creations at our Annual Kites At The Pier on Sat. September 8, 2018 from 9AM – 4PM.

– Incredible Kites
– Running of the Bols
– Pier Village Fresh Market: Fresh Foods, Produce and Artisan Goods
– Shop & Dine at Pier Village
– Pier Village Game Room, Boardwalk Fun N Games

Join us for some great family fun – including both kids AND parents – in the Running of the Bols competition where bragging rights will be awarded to parents and their kids as each group vies to earn this prestigious title! A favorite way to play with the wind, each competitor latches on to an 8 foot diameter parachute-kite and runs head first into the wind from a starting line to the finish line – an exhausting and exciting time!

Other spectacular kite visuals will include an array of vertical wind feathers and ground displays showcasing a myriad of different types of kites, exemplifying wonderful fun, beautiful visuals and an educational experience second to none!

Head off the beach to shop & dine at one of our many retail establishments or visit the Pier Village Fresh Market featuring fresh foods, produce and artisan goods on Festival Plaza.

This is a free event and will be running from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM over at Pier Village’s location on 50 Chelsea Avenue in Long Branch, NJ.

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